What the Internet knows about you

What the Internet knows about you

The internet has been around for thirty years. During this period, a vast quantity of information has been accumulated in the ether. Only in the past decade, thousands of websites have stored personal data from millions of users worldwide.

Nowadays, people are connected to the online medium either through an email address, through a social media profile or most commonly through both of them. This means that all of us are vulnerable to online attacks from malicious hackers.

Here are just a few of your details that are out there in the open and which are almost impossible to retrieve entirely:

Your entire personal data

Every single identification feature that you can think about is available online. We are talking about your full name, your birthdate, your height, the color of your eyes and your blood group. All this information may have been provided by you or a local authority.

Your intimate preferences

Whether it is your favorite color, your passion for cats or that photograph you took on a hiking trip six years ago, there is a big chance that this information is available online, somewhere. Today, every social media service asks for more details and suggests that you share more of your experiences. You might have never provided the above data, but one of your friends might have done so in a conversation, in an account or simply by tagging your name in one of his shared materials.

Your browsing history

Cookies take on a different meaning when it comes to internet browsing. Instead of being filled with chocolate chips, the online cookies contain mini-bots that register your activity and create a virtual profile based on your searches and your preferences. In time, the internet has a detailed portrait of your online persona, with all its strengths and frailties visible.