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Links over the internet

How to share links over the Internet

Today’s internet alleys have the security equivalent of the Amazonian jungle. It all looks green and healthy, but behind the foliage lurk incredible dangers. While it is highly improbable that you get poisoned or killed simply from online browsing, there is a good chance that your online profile falls victim to the army of hackers set out to kill personal accounts. This is why you Read More →

What the Internet knows about you

What the Internet knows about you

The internet has been around for thirty years. During this period, a vast quantity of information has been accumulated in the ether. Only in the past decade, thousands of websites have stored personal data from millions of users worldwide. Nowadays, people are connected to the online medium either through an email address, through a social media profile or most commonly through both of them. This Read More →

Protect your search privacy

Tips to protect your search privacy

A recent study on internet privacy suggests that the more personal information you provide online, the bigger the chances are for a hacker to take control of your assets. Even a simple browser search for local escorts can become a reason for blackmail for people who care more about your money and less about your family. Here are some tips that will give you overall Read More →