Tips to protect your search privacy

Protect your search privacy

A recent study on internet privacy suggests that the more personal information you provide online, the bigger the chances are for a hacker to take control of your assets. Even a simple browser search for local escorts can become a reason for blackmail for people who care more about your money and less about your family. Here are some tips that will give you overall protection, regardless of your online actions:

Never search for your data

Every one of us has been tempted at one point or another to do a browser search on our data. Whether we want to find out if there are any New York escorts out there with the same name as us, or if there are any previous owners of our current phone numbers, we have fallen victims to our innate curiosity. The problem is that this habit may lead to you falling victim to hacker attacks, which can get access to your bank account details through a string of information that is now easier to decipher.

Have a limited social media profile

Social media is present in everyone’s life, and it connects entire communities of people. These platforms are fun and engaging, but they hide grave perils for your privacy. If you provide information like such as your birth date, your phone number or your email address, you increase the chances of having your account hacked. If you think about it, your friends and escorts already know those facts about you, so why would you need to have them out in the open.

Browse for escorts in private windows

Every guy out there has searched the website for a hot escort to date at least once in his lifetime. The problem is that many online ads for paid companions are bugged with small bots that infect your computer and retrieve personal data. To avoid this dangerous situation, you should browse for call girls in separate windows only.

Use different passwords

The average internet user has around ten different online accounts that include his email addresses, media social profiles and customer accounts among others. A recent study has revealed that eight out of ten internet users have a maximum of three passwords for all these accounts, and some of them only have one simple secret entry word. This practice renders their complete privacy defenseless.

Try using a different password for every online account you have. This way, if one of them is taken down, the hackers will not get access to the others. Convince your escort to do the same, so if her email account is broken into, there will be no direct connection to her social media profile.

Revert to cash payments

Nowadays, more and more companies promote electronic payment. Even a hot escort might charge you online if that suits her business better. Try using your credit card details online as rarely as possible. Opt for cash payments unless the only option is to pay through a secure internet website.